Friday, October 30, 2009


You can find her sitting on the wing of a passenger plane, usually on it's way to Hawwaii. Don't make eye contact with her. If she asks you to play checkers, just ignore her. If she tells you she has a fever, just ignore her. If she casts a fishing rod down into the clouds to maybe catch some cloudfish (don't worry she always lets them go) that's a good thing. That means that she is making progress. Smile at her.

I hope you learned something today, but just in case you didn't you can have this Dark Chocolate Hershey bar. Yeah, I can still fit into those jeans.

Burning Red Rememberies

Shining brass trumpet above the rolling salty ocean waves and with sun making the clear water sparkle. The water was so clear I could so the individual grains of sand.

She walked up the ladder and pulled the cord to illuminate the attic. Even with the light on, the corners were left in darkness. The room could go on forever for all I'm seeing...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas Morning

I want your Christmas tree to have more gifts than any other Christmas tree. Here are all of the instruments I will get you.

A Melodica
A Hurdy Gurdy
A Guitar
A Kalimba
A Bass
A HAPI drum
A Minimoog
A Singing Saw
A Zanzithaphone
A tape of an old TV show
A baby video


If you and I were neighbors and I was on vacation, I would trust you more than any of the other neighbors to get my mail while I was gone.

Much love,
Akryllic Love