Saturday, December 5, 2009

Things are really difficult

Did you lose your "World's Best Dad" mug? The dog has stomach pains, there is nothing we can do. I was in the corner of the restaurant for jewels when I saw them. Two sapphires, I could tell they were meant for each other. They were having a romantic dinner, watching the sunset. In the storm two telephone polls fell and hit each other. One said "no" and the other one said "don't get your hopes up". When there are storms I hide in the bathroom, the bathroom is the safest place. When I am sick I don't talk. When I am happy I eat. When the Earth is happy she floods the neighborhoods with pink lemonade and sings as loud as she can. When I pass away, lower my coffin as softly as possible, bury me in the middle of the woods, and leave me alone with my dreams. Don't worry, I'll see you in them.


  1. Did you really weep? That means a lot to me, I don't think I've ever brought anybody to tears before.

  2. your music makes me weep sometimes.

  3. If humanity was looking for the best example of their species to send to the aliens I would tell them to send Joe Nason.